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Miracle Highway 101





Download chapter one from Miracle Highway 101.

Follow traveling evangelist and master storyteller Bob Unterseher and wife, Sharon, down Miracle HWY 101 as Bob tells his true stories of supernatural deliverance from impossible situations.  he cries out, “Spare his life, God, spare his life!” when his 250-horsepower tractor and earth scraper crushes a friend under a wheel.  A kerosene heater explodes two feet from where Bob was working in his makeshift office in a church fellowship hall.  Miraculously none of the exploding fuel flew in his direction, but resulted in destroying most of the church and all of their sound equipment in a burning inferno.  Yet Bob and his family were not injured.

With candid humor and authenticity this down-to-earth preacher relates 15 personal testimonies of healing, comfort in the tragic loss of loved ones, miraculous financial provision, divine protection in the mountain wilderness of Montana, and on several occasions, deliverance from death.  His stories will entertain you, inspire you – and leave you with a greater faith for God’s miracles in your own life.


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